Ring Day – St. Mary’s Prep

Our Adopt A Family – St. Mary’s Prep
December 18, 2020
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April 15, 2021

Ring Day – St. Mary’s Prep

Ring Day March 28th, 2021

Ring Day

Ring Day Speech

Joe Janda 


Good Morning family, clergy, faculty, alumni, and my fellow brothers of the class of 2022. 


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Joe Janda and I am the president for the class of 2022. 


I would like to start off by thanking the administration for making this day possible during the current state we are in. It means a lot to me and my fellow brothers that we could gather as a class to celebrate ring day.


Also, I would like to express our appreciation for our parents who have been there for us every step of the way and for all they have done over the years.


Finally, I would like to thank Father for sharing mass with us and welcoming us to the long red line of brothers who have graduated from St. Mary’s. And so we gather here to thank God, to look back on the past two years, and to look forward to the years to come here at St. Mary’s as upperclassmen.


Today we celebrate a long-standing tradition here at St. Mary’s, Ring Day. All the hard work and determination from the last two years has led us up to this day. Today, we officially join the ranks of upperclassmen and we can proudly call ourselves “Men of St. Mary’s.”


Crazy how time flies doesn’t it? It’s amazing how much has changed in two short years. It seems like it was just yesterday we were all sitting around at freshman orientation looking around at each other, almost like we were sizing each other up. We had just met Mr. Rychcik and we all thought he was the scariest guy in the world, however, as time went on we realized he is pretty scary. 


I had barely known anybody and I would have never thought that one day I could call every guy there my brother. Every man in this chapel is my brother. We have gone through way more than any of us ever could have imagined and have overcome much adversity. Even though we are six feet apart I have never felt closer to my classmates than I do now. 


When I was a freshman I thought that brotherhood was just a word on the back of a t-shirt. However, I realized that it really does exist here at St. Mary’s. I’m sure if you asked each member of the class of 2022 for a definition of brotherhood they would all tell you different things. Brotherhood means being there for your brother when he’s at his worst and cheering him on when he’s at his best. It means pushing each other beyond what we ever thought could be possible whether it’s spiritually, academically, or physically because Iron really does sharpen Iron. 


20 years from now when you look at this ring, you will remember the brotherhood for which it stands for. You will remember all the football games, the cleanup crews from Mr. Lengel, all of the booms from Senor Mesa, all of Mr. Karshcnia’s stories, and all of the haircut recommendations from Mr. Rychcik. Throughout all of those things, I have grown close to the young men in the class of 2022 that I can call my brothers. 


The teachers and faculty of St. Mary’s have been preparing us and giving us the tools to become a man. It is our responsibility to use them and go out and better our world as “Men of St. Mary’s” 


Now I humbly stand before you on ring day, and I challenge my brothers to keep pushing. We only have a year and half left here at St. Mary’s. Let’s make the most of our time here. When teachers and administrators think of the class of 2022, let’s have them remember a class that was the best to learn in the prep, play on the field and pray in this chapel. Do it for your parents, your friends, your teachers, but most importantly do it for yourself and the man standing next to you. I thank God for the opportunity to be called a Man of St. Mary’s and for the bonds I have made. 

Thank You


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